This next post is going to talk a bit about the top two Social Networking tools that I like or wish to have going for my business.  Any feedback on this post would be immensely appreciated, especially regarding Twitter!


Facebook has taken the reigns in managing social media these days.  Almost everyone has a FB page and almost every business has one now too.  I personally love FB for several reasons.

1.  It’s a great way to promote yourself via likes.  For instance, you can run a free contest or giveaway based on hitting a certain number of likes or getting people to like and share your page on their wall to be registered to win a free product.  I did this for Valentines Day and tripled my likes in 2 weeks time.  Not bad!

2.  It’s a great way to showcase what you are doing with your business and keep people really informed.  People are always checking FB for the next upcoming event and you can be hosting one of them!

3.  It can take the place of a blog and get more exposure.  You can put snippets of information up immediately from anywhere without having to sit down and create an entire blog post.  Plus, it will get more attention and viewed by more people than your blog is likely too.

4.  Versatility and cheap advertising.  Facebook offers businesses the opportunity to advertise on FB for really great rates and per click advertising.  Not only will you reach tons of people this way, but I feel that you will reach more people than with most other advertising because lets face it, people are addicted to their hand held devices.  I bet that FB gets more activity than any TV, newspaper or radio will ever see on a daily basis.



Twitter is a great resource I feel, but I personally have not really gotten into it all that much.  I admit that I tried, but seemed to be left in the dark about how a lot of it works and wondered if it actually works for my particular business.  Maybe this post can get me some info!

1.  Twitter seems to be the place to post pics and get a good feed of information and in particular followers.  I noticed that it was easier to get more followers on Twitter than on FB, it is just now knowing what to do with all these followers and how to get them to interact with you.

2.  Fast news feed.  Twitter seems to run at a pace double or even triple of that than FB.  Which I think is good, if you know how to utilize this.  Again, I personally became overwhelmed by my tweets and have since set it on the back burner, but I want to get into it!